Best Practices for the Virtual Banking Ecosystem

The Future of Banking White Paper

The Future of Banking Best practices for the virtual banking ecosystem

Real Estate is No Longer King

Over 3300 branches closed in 2018. 

Learn how innovative banks are extending reach, acquisition, and servicing without expensive real estate investments. 

Your Customers Have Gone Digital

50% of consumers want their banks to blend physical branches and digital services. Find out more on demands, demographics, and preferences.

What is Video Banking?

Find out the major differences between video banking, video conferencing and video ITM's.

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The Future of Banking Best practices for the virtual banking ecosystem

Migrating to a Digital-First Banking Model

Moving from Today’s Fragmented Branch Model to a Customer Centered Hybrid Model

Tips for a modern-day hybrid model:

todays bank branch is fragmented

Today's Fragmented Branch Model

The Future Customer-Centered Hybrid Model

future bank branch connectivity model
  • Branch and staff optimization across locations
  • Virtual banking and digital tools driving conversion rates, wallet share and operational efficiencies.
  • High touch and personalized service
  • Organizational and training needs

"I think people still want the human interaction and it's not necessarily face-to-face. It's more the voice and looking someone in the eye and you can still do that. The quality of video now allows you to have a meaningful conversation on a video chat..."

Steve Miller | CEO | Fresno First Bank 

Executive Innovation Show Podcast: 

"Community Banking Beyond Four Walls"


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